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Looking for a Minneapolis mortgage company to help you with your buying a home or refinancing a mortgage? Amres Mortgage Inc is a local Hennepin mortgage lender located in Minneapolis, MN. Working with a Minneapolis mortgage company helps you get the best service and the most competitive mortgage rates.

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(612) 285-6265

Amres Mortgage Inc

3100 W Lake St Ste 100, Minneapolis, MN. 55416

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Amres Mortgage Inc


Amres Mortgage Inc has 1 office(s)

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Current Mortgage Rates*

30yr fixed: 4.86%
15yr fixed: 4.09%
5yr ARM: 3.70%
1yr ARM: 3.26%

FHA Loan Limits

Property Type Max. FHA Loan
Single Family Home $365,000
2 Units / Duplex $467,250
3 Units / Triplex $564,800
4 Units / Fourplex $701,900
FHA loans only require 3.5% down.
Learn more about a FHA loan.